Harm of alcohol for the human body

Many people alcohol is a part of his life, sincerely believing that only in this way it is possible to maximally relax, lift your mood and have fun. But only a few are aware of people know that alcohol is kind of drug which penetrates into the body, detrimental effect on the work of all vital organs and systems, therefore it is necessary to be aware of the seriousness of the situation and in a timely manner to exclude the systematic consumption of alcohol.

Each person should to the end to realize than with carries the use of alcohol, then, perhaps, and the desire to drink away. If we consider the moral-ethical side, then they are able to under the influence of alcohol a person loses the ability to control their own actions, movement and speech, thereby committing insane deeds, becomes a victim of accidents. In addition, alcohol consumption disrupts the process of personal growth, but in this spontaneous manner is the process of complete degradation.

Substantial harm to the health

damage to the alcohol

Consumption of ethanol in a limited amount of also harmful to the and human health, often causing a threat to life. Especially dangerous is the chemical compound for the heart, lungs, liver, digestive, and nervous system. In addition, it worsens the already existing in the body of disease and contributes to the spread of psychological and mental disorders.

Indeed, the activity of the ethanol is able to lead to a complete imbalance, but in the first place still "suffering from" nervous and cardio-vascular system. Weakened muscles, diabetes, blood clots in the blood vessels, dry the brain, enlarged liver, kidney infections, depression, impotence, stomach ulcer – all permanent diagnoses of the eternal alcoholics, whereby a large part of the abovementioned pathologies definitively cure is no longer possible.

From the ingestion of alcohol strongly suffering from the liver, because of damage to the tissues carries with it a serious pathology in his work. Develops cirrhosis of the liver, is present in alcoholic hepatitis, as well as possible and of such a diagnosis, such as bacterial peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal cavity with possible bleeding) and ascites (accumulation of excess fluid in the abdominal cavity). It is also possible violation of hormonal background, which leads to sad consequences for the organism are already non-refundable.

The behavior of alcohol in the human body

The initial portions of ethanol after penetration into the gastrointestinal tract, rapidly dilate the blood vessels, provoking a rapid secretion of gastric juice. However, an increase in drunk doses leads to greater global anomaly: there is a delay, discharge of juice, thus the food remains in the stomach 2 and 10 and more hours, when it begins to intensively decomposed. These are caused by bouts of nausea and vomiting, unpleasant burping and pulling pain under the spoon.

The constant consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol:

  • harmful to the heart, lungs, liver, digestive, and nervous system;
  • all the time available to diseases;
  • worsening of psychological and mental disorders;
  • leads to accidents. (In the department of "ambulance" no hospital you can make sure that many get there due to accidents caused in a drunken state.)

Harms the heart and lungs

Alcohol abuse causes heart disease and increases the risk of lung disease. Alcoholics especially prone to:

  • arrhythmia;
  • chronic lung disease;
  • hypertension;
  • tuberculosis;
  • inflammation of the lungs.

Liver damage

While alcohol abuse may occur:

  • alcoholic hepatitis — a kind of inflammation of the liver;
  • cirrhosis, or destruction of the liver cells;
  • obesity liver, in which its cells are filled with fat.

Damage to digestion

Alcohol abuse is the cause of many diseases of the digestive system, including:

  • gastritis;
  • cancer of the esophagus;
  • inflammation of the pancreas;
  • esophageal varices, i.e. the enlargement of the veins in the esophagus, which can cause bleeding and lead to death;
  • stomach ulcers and bleeding in the digestive tract; I'm poor digestibility of nutrients.

Damages the nervous system

Prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to:

  • alcoholic hallucinations;
  • alcoholic delirium (delirium tremens, white fever), which causes hallucinations, tremors, sweating, fever, increased heart rate;
  • syndrome Korsakov — lasting memory impairment, which is with a lack of thiamine (vitamin b) as a result of alcohol abuse;
  • cramps;
  • bleeding in the brain membranes;
  • encephalopathy Wernicke's — type degeneration of the brain, driven by a lack of thiamine;
  • beriberi — a disease caused by deficiency of thiamine, which leads to paralysis, exhaustion, disorder of the stomach, swelling and heart failure.

Psychological and mental disorders


Long-term alcohol consumption is associated with:

  • depression;
  • lack of motivation;
  • obstacles in work and social life;
  • drug abuse;
  • suicide.

Other complications

Alcohol abuse may be the cause:

  • low levels of sugar in the blood;
  • ulcers on the legs;
  • inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • congenital alcoholic syndrome (in children of alcoholics), which growth retardation, mental retardation and facial deformities;
  • dangerous to life, interactions with medicines, even those that are sold without prescription.

Harmful to health drinks

Human health harms not only vodka, but also wine, beer, even in relatively small doses. The content in these beverages ethanol causes memory impairment, apathy, decreased physical strength, slow movements, but also appear shortness of breath, disappear, emotions, reduces mental and strong-willed abilities. Such an effect in the body persists for several hours, in addition, and from these drinks comes the addiction to alcohol.

Harm of alcohol for future moms

Drinking alcohol, even in smaller quantities during pregnancy significantly increases the chance of the flow of pathological childbirth, and children are born premature, with development of the internal organs and exterior deformities. As a pathology caused by the presence of the alcoholic syndrome, practically can not be cured, that is why future mother must always conceive about the health of your child when the desire to drink alcohol.

Scares and the fact that to establish peace is impossible, because for every pregnant woman, has its limit, which is given individually and is dependent on a number of factors, which have. Here is a response to the alcohol of the body of the mother, her physical and mental health, the occurring of harmful habits, pregnancy and hereditary predisposition. This is the reason why doctors agree that in the period of pregnancy and the period of its planning consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited as reassurance. This is true even for the father of the child.

For someone alcohol – it is a great temptation, but it is necessary to soberly assess the situation and realize that such a doping contains a large amount of toxins that not only harm health, but also affect the physical and mental sphere of the person. Therefore, he picked up a glass with vodka, for example, it is better ten times to think before to swallow it.