What kind of alcohol you can drink during weight loss

Beverages containing ethyl alcohol in most cases can become the cause of excess weight. One glass of beer contains about 180 calories, if you drink every day, eat fatty foods, then surely it will develop obesity. Not all types of alcohol have a caloric value. So people with the problem of a large body mass it is necessary to know what kind of alcohol to drink during weight loss, and it is possible to take it during adherence to the diet.

The effect of alcohol on the body

alcohol during the diet

When you receive one gram of ethylene in the body, it contributes to the diet of about 7 calories. Therefore, improving the energy balance. During the meal, the alcohol will start Sunday in the first place. And proteins, lipids and carbohydrates of the food are stored in the form of fat and cellulite on the thighs, legs, buttocks and abdomen. This is the reason why, according to most experts, alcohol and weight loss are incompatible.

Even adherence to the diet and increasing physical activity do not eliminate the extra pounds, provided the daily use of alcohol. So if you want to become slim, it is necessary to give up alcohol, and weight loss will come faster. Permissible are considered a small dose of dry wine, and also drinks without sugar content (vodka, whiskey, gin). This is not to dilute the tonic or sparkling fresh water. The most calories are the strong drinks, especially with the content of yeast and sugars.

Affects whether the alcohol on the overweight

Let us consider in more detail how alcohol affects weight loss and why it is for many drinkers of people is the weight of the body begins to grow. The causes of this phenomenon lie not only in the flow of calories alcohol drink. Obesity and cellulite on legs and thighs appear in constant use due to the following processes:

  1. To release control. After the drunk man ceases to control the amount of alcohol and taken with him. Forfeit common sense and motivation.
  2. Stimulation of food glands. Ethanol in contact with the stomach, increases the secretion of juice, which mistakenly consider the body as hunger.
  3. Constant action drinks on the digestive system can lead to various diseases (gastritis, ulcers, colitis). They are accompanied by disorders of the metabolism towards its slowdown, which leads to increase in weight.
  4. Gradually there is a decrease in testosterone, which itself refers to the hormones that burns fat. So and this is the effect of alcohol contributes to obesity. It can be seen on the example of the beginners alcoholics, which in the first phase of this dependence significantly put on weight.
  5. Because the characteristics metabolism, in the use of alcohol and being overweight in women occurs more often than in men. Especially when we consider that alcoholism in the weaker sex develops much faster and is much harder to treat.

The characteristics of each beverage

The effect of alcohol on extra weight now, no doubt. But if you still drink it to lose weight, it all depends on what exactly you eat and in what quantities. Small doses bring damage, provided that the person is able to alcohol abuse. A glass of dry wine, brandy in quantities of 50 g or the same amount of whisky at a slow flow in the course of 1-2 hours will go to benefit.

Dry wine

The most useful of all beverages that contain ethanol, it is a dry wine. Is it in sensible quantities helps to even faster breaks down subcutaneous fat, and yet has a minimum level of calories (it depends of the variety of the grapes). In addition, white or red dry wine for weight loss, improve skin condition, because they contain polyphenols.



Its difference lies in the fact that it has bubbles of gas, accelerating the absorption of fluid and in a state of intoxication. It is best to choose a dry or brut, in the last contains a minimal amount of sweets. One glass during the evening meal not to disrupt hormonal balance and may not lead to obesity.

Light beer

If you want to drink beer, then he should be in the diet to use only the bright variety. A couple of glasses of the drink refers to a completely valid daily minimum. The firmness of his should not exceed 5%. this applies especially to women after 40-45, when hormone level begins to decline. In the malt are phytoestrogens, anti-aging and the symptoms of menopause. For this reason, men of a certain age are advised to refrain from drinking this beverage.

As dark and strong beer harmful, because it is very calorie. Should not be consumed together with him special snacks, such as salty, fatty and cause thirst. Therefore, the drunk more.

Many wonder about is if stop drinking beer it is possible to lose weight. In that case, if you calculate the number of calories in the volume of the consumed beverage, and then reduce the caloric content of food on the same number, then the output is obtained by the same. But if you want to lose weight fast, it is best to give up beer at all.


Vodka is in losing the unwanted weight. It has a high degree, and so is quite calories. If necessary, you can drink not more than 50 g, and yet as a snack take something lean.

Alcohol diet

There is a positive opinion about it, whether you can drink alcohol in weight loss. At this point designed diet, which includes the mandatory use of a dry wine, as the only drink for the breakdown of fat. At the same time from the menu excluded fatty and fried meals, flour and sweets. Wine is drunk in the evening, no more than one glass a day.

Development nutritionist from France Pierre Dyukana is designed for people with significant obesity. It allows you to quickly fold the extra pounds, and then consolidate the result.

The essence of the diet is that there is a need to carry out in several steps, and only the third begins with the use of alcohol. There should be only protein foods (quail eggs, lean milk, cottage cheese and yogurt, lean meat), is not consuming carbohydrates and fats. At the same time should eat bran, to control the purification of the body.

The first two stages of beverage is used only as an ingredient in cooking various dishes. When a violation of this principle, a person may be under the influence of "hot" decline in motivation, and will not achieve the desired result. In compliance with all the recommendations people on a diet Dyukana managed to recover from one to five kilograms per week.


Studying reviews from those who practiced alcohol diet, it should be noted that the right of its observance leads to positive results in most cases. But a lot of it came not from medical reasons.

Many women leave the feedback, that threw a beer and it's true, but it affects not only the rejection of the calories of alcohol, but also constant physical exercise and also adherence to the diet.

Experts on this problem some of the ladies ("recovered from beer to lose weight") meet, that in most cases it is not just a drink, but also his habit of constantly snacks high-calorie foods (nuts, chips, salted fish) leads to obesity and the emergence of cellulite on legs and thighs. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the problem in a complex, rethink food, drinks to replace plain water without gas.

If a patient threw a drink and lost weight, doctors believe that the stop on it is not worth it. Such a step should be based on a complete revision of your lifestyle and the mode of the day.



If you are celebrating a excess weight and have the habit to consume alcoholic beverages, it is best to completely abandon it. The exception may be a small amount of dry wine, which will not only contribute to improve the condition of blood vessels, but it would also mean you obesity.